Government Grants For Women Owned Businesses

woman-business-ownerThe need for grants for minority owned businesses is well known. Women own over 9 million businesses yet they receive the smallest amount of financing from traditional sources such as banks and venture capital firms. Traditionally, women own smaller types of businesses that don’t need financial assistance of $250,000 or more and so financing options are limited.

Business grants, however, are difficult to come by. Most businesses are created with loans which rely on good credit histories and collateral that women may have a hard time supplying. Women often choose to max out their credit cards or borrow from family members in order to start a business, which may make their own finances financial situation uncomfortable.

There are over thousand’s of recognized state, federal and private grant awarding agencies throughout the United States. Far too many to list at once here but we can briefly condense some of the categories of small business grants for women that you will be able to find by searching the grants database.

You can search by a particular business title if you wish. For example, grants for day care centers, scientific research grants, farming and agricultural grants, etc. And you may also find a number of available free money opportunities when looking for gender or ethnic specific grants like minority business grants, women business grants, or grants for single parents.

How to find Small Business Grants for Women

There are several online sites worth looking at that provide information and access to grants. In addition to this, there are sites specifically aimed to giving grants to women. These sites attempt to help the female population succeed in entrepreneurial ism and climb on the ladder of success. There are women’s funding networks which promote the growth of women’s funds and empower women to encourage strategic networking among themselves, donors and communities.

The local Small Business Association office should help you in finding the right business grants. Even grants that are not advertised online can be found here. They should also point you in the right direction of grants offered in your area of business

Government Grants for Business

Government grants for women come in different shapes and sizes. Most grants are offered to minorities who want to start business or buy a business or seek to expand the business already started. Those already in business could use the grant to hire new employees, buy new equipment or purchase a new property.

The government in the US offers billions of dollars as grants every year and there are 100% free federal grants for women. You just have to simply apply for the grant you might be qualified for and if granted the money, she may never pay it back at all!

Government grants for minority ethnic groups , disabled women, immigrants and those who served in the military are eligible for exclusive grants in the US. Women Business Grants has put together such ethnic and minority groups which can be viewed at ‘Grants for Ethnic and other groups’ pages.

Local business newspaper or magazine detail all latest happenings in the business community and local business grants offered to entrepreneurs who wish to make a fresh business attempt. These advertisements could appear as a small tidbit or even as part of an interview with a local business person or a donating firm

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